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Free and centralized personal password database

Remembear is an excellent way for users to store and retrieve sensitive passwords with the click of a button.

Primary Features and Functionality

Remembear is a software program that enables users to add in personal passwords and store them within an entirely centralized framework. This third-party solution may come in handy in the event that a code or a PIN has been accidentally misplaced or forgotten. It can be utilized for email accounts, social media feeds and even credit card payments. Please note that this system employs what is known as 256-bit encryption. In other words, only the user will be able to gain access to his or her personal details once they have been entered. There is no charge to register with the website and to download the bundle.

Other Important Details

Remembear essentially functions as a cloud storage system, as it can be accessed across multiple devices as long as the user provides the correct login details. An auto-fill function can likewise be utilised in the event that the client needs to regularly access a specific page.


  • There is absolutely no charge to install this program.
  • Remembear utilises an advanced form of SSL encryption, so data will remain safe from prying eyes.


  • Its security can be compromised if someone discovers the access code.
  • This package will not work with systems prior to Windows 7.


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RememBear 2017 for Android


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